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Barite Bricks

Barite Bricks

Barite brick is a product used to shield radiation in medical – industrial

Content >50% BASO4

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Barite bricks

anti-radiation (RS anti-radiation bricks) are pressed from high quality barite powder Hl>90% with anti-radiation additives, pressed on modern hydraulic lines according to KT specifications: 3x10x20cm; 4x10x20cm; 5x10x20cm. The finished product ensures radiation shielding quality, hardness, durability, and toughness like ordinary fired frameless Concrete bricks. Barite brick mortar is a mixture of cement Barite powder and sand, with specific construction instructions.

Barite Brick

Is a product used to shield radiation in medical – industrial. Using construction of X-ray room to ensure radiation safety, radiation shielding for CTscaner room, lithotripsy room, vascular intervention room, room containing radioactive sources, laboratory testing samples….

• Ensure absolute radiation safety.
• Easy construction, fast construction time.
• Cheaper cost than lead plate construction.
• Highly durable with no cracking or peeling.

X-ray damage that requires the use of Barite Bricks

Because X-rays – a form of radiation, have certain damaging effects on cells, so the body after X-ray irradiation will also have bad reactions. At different levels, the human body will be affected differently. And the extent of damage depends on the duration of exposure and the intensity of the X-rays.

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