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Lead glass

Lead glass

Can be used in building new rooms or upgrading.

Sizes and thicknesses to meet most design needs.

Proven on-time delivery from one of the many facilities across the country.

Technical installation:
Get installed or deliver on request.

Quality assurance:
Produce according to company instructions and process of use.

Fixed use will not wear out.

one year

Mô tả

Lead glass is used for:
– Medical x-ray rooms, Ct rooms, Mri, Operating rooms, …
– Dosing device
– Radiation safety protection wall.
Various sizes and thicknesses on request (30x40cm, 40x60cm, 60x80cm, 80x120cm …)
– Features is a specialized lead glass, ensuring safety for X-ray shielding, 1mm glass=0.2-0.22mm Pb

Leaded Glass

The ability to block radiation varies according to the actual requirements of the object that needs to be safely shielded. Our company will advise customers to choose suitable products to ensure savings and efficiency.

Lead glass is a material that has the effect of preventing radiation. In the medical industry, lead glass is often used to separate:
– Between the control room and the x-ray room, the computed tomography room. Help the imaging technician can observe the patient in the imaging room. No radiation exposure during the scan.

Leaded glass for X-ray room

“Leaded glass in the x-ray room is one of the mandatory installation materials. In places where X-rays are used to serve some purpose. X-rays are very toxic to people around. Therefore, we need one thing. support conditions to ensure the safety of those not in contact.”

X-ray room lead glass is one of the mandatory installation materials. In places where X-rays are used to serve some purpose. X-rays are very harmful to those around them. Therefore, we need a support condition to ensure the safety of those not in contact.


is a type of radiation that is harmful to cells, capable of causing blastocyst damage, secondary damage, genetic damage and even cancer. So this is a very dangerous form of ray. If exposure is not required, the average person will need protective measures with reflector lead glass, screens or absorbing screens.

– Technicians using X-ray machines must wear full protective gear.
– Time to take X-ray for the patient should not be too long.
– Patients should be careful not to take X-ray examination many times in a short time.
– Facilities at the X-ray room must meet standards.
– Door walls are covered with lead, coated with barite, fitted with anti-reflective lead glass.

Lead glass has the effect of blocking the harmful effects of X-rays to people standing outside the glass.
It helps the technician to observe the patient in the imaging room.
Both prevent unnecessary harm of X-rays to the surrounding environment.

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