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Barite powder

Barite powder

is mainly used in the medical industry. Used to plaster the walls of rooms requiring radiation insulation such as:
X-ray room;
Computerized tomography (CT Scanner);
Radiotherapy room;
Nuclear medicine department;
Several operating rooms.

General Information:

Barite powder is made from barite ore (baryt). Is a mineral of the sulfate class (BaSO4), the main ore of barium. In addition to the BaSO4 component, there are also BaCO3, SrSO4, SiO2, Fe2O3.
• In the oil and gas industry: barite powder is applied to enhance the product’s wear resistance and friction. Barite also makes plastics less susceptible to oil absorption. Barite-containing rubber products are resistant to abrasion and friction. Reduce vibration and soundproof…
• In the paint industry: Because barite has the ability to create coatings with high chemical resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and noise reduction, it is widely used.
• In the medical field: barite powder is used to build and plaster rooms that require radiation insulation such as X-ray rooms, CT rooms, radiotherapy rooms…

Barite powder and its relation to radiation and anti-radiation properties in medical rooms:

X-ray is a very common technique in medical imaging. In addition to the benefits of X-ray technology, it also has many potential risks affecting the health of patients and the medical staff themselves. In order to limit the harmful effects of X-rays, X-ray machines, walls, floors and ceilings of these rooms need to be plastered with layers of barite powder to prevent radiation.
– To construct radiation-proof rooms, Barite powder is mixed with cement. Radiation can be added to enhance the ability to absorb radiation. Plaster into layers 4-6 cm thick depending on the requirements of each room. Construction by this method has the advantage of low cost.

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