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Lead door

Is a product of stamped steel door with electrostatic paint. Lead sheath to protect radiation safety specialized for
– Radiotherapy rooms,
– Nuclear medicine,
– X-ray,
– CT,
– Dental scans,
– Mammography,
– Angiography,
– Measure osteoporosis
– In medical.
– Specialized rooms using radioactive sources and radiation equipment in industry.

Causes of use of lead doors

Hospitals often use mechanical equipment for imaging and diagnostic purposes. These are all mechanical devices that emit radioactive rays that are dangerous to humans.
Therefore, hospital lead doors are used in rooms that use radioactive generators.

Effect of X-rays on the body

Due to X-ray – a form of radiation, has a certain damaging effect on cells. So the body after X-ray irradiation will also have bad reactions. At different levels, the human body will be affected differently. And the extent of damage depends on the duration of exposure and the intensity of the X-rays.
Lead doors are capable of maintaining the right temperature in the room.
Lead door products have high security because there is a smart door lock system to help control the door access problem.
The opening of the hospital lead-coated door is suitable, convenient for transporting patients, equipment and machinery.

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