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Lead Envelopes

Pill Phong Lead

( lead shield ) is an indispensable equipment and supplies in today’s medical rooms. Manufactured to safety standards. Ensure requirements in use for X-ray rooms. Prevent, ensure medical technical requirements.
The X-ray machine when taking pictures always produces x-rays. Directly affects the health of those around. Especially technicians who often have to contact X-ray machines. Portable lead envelopes, also known as lead shields, are easy to use. Designed with 4 wheels at the bottom, it is convenient to move with the portable X-ray machine. Radiation safety.

Effective lead screen (lead shield)

– Reduce the harmful effects of unnecessary X-rays on the surrounding infants and
Doctors and nurses work with peace of mind.
The lead vase at the foot has 04 wheels, convenient for moving
Bedside X-rays, when not needed, a safe place can be arranged

X-Rays – Lead Envelope

When X-rays are applied to human cells, they will cause cell damage due to
radiation is mainly due to effects on DNA (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid) and can
includes 3 main effects as follows:
– Cells can die.
– The genetic material of the cell can be changed and this change is
propagate through new cells.
– Changes can occur in the cell and the cell can lead to cell division
anomalous division.
Cells have very effective repair mechanisms and recover from damage caused by
X-ray causes, if the degree of cell damage caused by X-rays is small, the possibility of recovery is high.
5Irradiation with the dose received for a long time is likely to recover
of cells is lower.

Radiation sensitivity

of a cell indicates the degree of loss of the cell’s ability to regenerate
cytology means the extent of cell destruction after x-ray. For a long time people have
found that the effect of X-rays was greater in rapidly growing cells such as:
hematopoietic tissues in bone marrow, genital tissues. Followed by mucosal tissues, skin,
vitreous of the eye. Connective tissues such as cartilage, bones, and blood vessels are sensitive
medium. Then there are the cells of the viscera, endocrine gland tissue and
Finally, muscle, bone and nerve tissues have the lowest sensitivity, so
X can cause different lesions in different tissues producing symptoms
complications, especially in infants exposed to X-rays for a long time
the ability to cause cancer, especially cancer of the blood and blood-forming organs.
Therefore, when taking X-rays, especially bed X-rays
We need to be concerned about radiation safety for patients and others
Surrounded by radiology technicians and doctors working around

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