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Lead plate


Commonly used in medical industry, x-ray room, to protect personnel from radiation. In addition, it is also used for soundproofing in industry, defense, karaoke rooms… Currently, our company accepts orders for lead sheets, lead leaves, lead ingots of all kinds according to design. Including lead in sheet form (width 50-55cm), thickness 1mm, 2mm, 3mm… accept orders as required for construction of anti-radiation.


– Used for construction of radiation room such as x-ray room, CTsacner, radiotherapy room, DSA…
– Used as lead electrode in plating industry…
– Used as a fuse…..etc
Is lead material that is rolled into sheets of suitable size for the intended use.
– Used for fast construction time because lead has been rolled into sheets.
– Good reflectivity with large enough thickness.
X-rays are a form of high-energy radiation that is invisible to the naked eye. This type of ray can penetrate many objects, especially living ones. Therefore, the application of X-ray technology is widely used in many fields, especially in medicine. But at the same time, this radiation also carries many dangers to the human body.

Our company ensures the production, construction and installation according to safety standards and satisfactory product quality.
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