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Barite Bricks – The most important material in the construction of X-ray rooms

Barite Bricks – The most important material in the construction of X-ray rooms

Anti-radioactive barite bricks are used in the construction of rooms that use radioactive generators such as X-ray rooms to replace current conventional bricks. This is one of the most important materials in the construction of the X-ray room.

1. What is Barite brick used for?

– You are looking to build an X-ray room but are struggling to know what type of material to choose to block x-rays to avoid causing harm to employees and the surrounding environment.
– The classic types often used are sheet lead, which has very high cost, currently the market price for 1 kilogram of lead is 55,000 VND. So a minimum x-ray room will cost about 50 million vnd of lead. Construction is complicated because it is very expensive to make metal wall brackets. Barite powder is too difficult to plaster and the construction time is very long and elaborate. You have to wait for each layer of mortar to dry, then water it and then close the trellis to continue plastering.

– That’s why Barite bricks were born and has been certified and verified by the Center for Medical Radiation Safety Accreditation.

2. Composition of Barite bricks

The main component of barite bricks has the formula (BaSO4), which is a catalyst containing barium sulfate. Barite is generally yellowish-white or colorless.

Thing of our bricks because it helps the bricks to increase the ability to block rays, prevent cracking, often the bricks produced manually without the correct process or imitation products have problems with product cracking. in the process of transportation and reduce the ability to block rays, especially thanks to this additive, making Barite AR bricks reduce the size of the brick thickness and increase the ray resistance.

3. Advantages of barite bricks

4. Instructions for using barite bricks

If you already have a built-in room, reach the minimum area

  • Scrape off the old wall paint and roughen the surface to increase adhesion
  • Build Barit AR bricks according to the manufacturer’s instructions, pay attention to choose the right type of brick in accordance with the distance of the beam source to avoid waste.
  • Plastering with Barit AR mortar only needs to be mixed with water, no need for cement or sand.

If you build a new one, you have 2 options:

  • Building a wall separating the room with the horizontal Barit brick itself and then plastering it with double-sided mortar, this is the ideal and absolutely safe way to do it.
  • Build a wall of 10 with normal bricks, then use inclined barite bricks and plastered with mortar

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