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Construction of the Pet package at which address is reputable?

Construction of the Pet package at which address is reputable?

Construction of the Pet package at which address is reputable?

Are you looking for a unit that specializes in consulting, installing and executing Pet packages for hospitals and clinics according to the right techniques and standards of the Ministry of Health? Let’s learn about the Pet system used in hospitals and reputable Pet installation units through this article!

Why do hospitals use Pets?

PET/CT scan, also known as positron emission tomography. This is one of the new inventions of modern medicine. This technique is of great value in assessing the biological function of several internal organs of the body. Thereby helping to diagnose diseases of cancer, neurological, cardiovascular …

In the world, PET/CT has been applied to diagnose diseases in the past few decades. According to statistics, every year the number of PET/CT scans increases sharply. More than 90% of PET/CT scans are used to diagnose cancer.

In Vietnam, PET/CT scanning technique has only been applied for about 10 years. At large public hospitals with modern facilities. This will help to accurately diagnose the patient’s medical condition.

It can be seen that: The demand for using Pet is increasing day by day. Although the cost of using Pet services is quite expensive compared to the common ground. However, the high accuracy of diagnostic imaging makes this method appear in many large hospitals. Specifically, such as: Bach Mai Hospital, Viet Duc Hospital, Hanoi Oncology Hospital, Cho Ray Hospital, …

PET/CT is an intensive imaging technique widely used in a number of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular, neurological,…

Nam Cuong Medical Technology received the installation and construction of a Pet package for the hospital with quality standards

Currently on the market, there are a number of units that receive the complete package of Pet construction. But to choose an address that guarantees quality, safety, and reputation is a problem.

As you know, when choosing a reputable service provider. It will have very serious consequences. For example: bad impact on public health as well as waste of money.

Because in fact: PET/CT is a modern imaging technique applied in medicine, so equipment investment costs are expensive and operating costs are expensive.

Why should you choose to build a Pet package at Nam Cuong Medical Technology?

Currently, Nam Cuong Medical Technology is a distributor and contractor of Pet packages for hospitals that meet quality standards. Safe protection for human health. Machinery and equipment at Nam Cuong fully comply with strict regulations on technical parameters.

Nam Cuong Medical Technology is ready to solve all your troubles about the selection and installation of Pet systems in hospitals. We are committed to not disappoint our customers by the following advantages of the company:

  • As an importer, exporter & distributor of reputable Pet capture system products in Vietnam.
  • We have a team of good engineers and professors with many years of experience in the field of consulting, design & installation in the medical industry.
  • Team of skilled mechanics professional in construction, installation and repair.
  • Sales department, consulting & customer care full of enthusiasm. Sure to make you satisfied.

Nam Cuong Medical Technology specializes in Pet package construction. State-of-the-art diagnostic imaging technology.

Outstanding advantages of the Pet capture system installed by Nam Cuong

Pet capture system is provided by Nam Cuong Medical Technology. In addition to ensuring accuracy in diagnostic imaging, there are advantages as follows:

  • The Pet machine system is guaranteed by Nam Cuong for a long time. Nationwide consulting and installation support.
  • In the process of using, you can be completely assured of the quality. Performance and durability of the product. When there are any questions about the product to be answered. You will receive enthusiastic support from our team of experienced consultants and technicians.
  • Especially, at Nam Cuong Medical Technology. Before being put into installation, each Pet product must go through a rigorous inspection and testing process. Ensure that the process of putting into operation does not occur any even the slightest risk. Therefore, customers can be completely assured of the quality of services and products at our company.

Pet machine system is an indispensable product of today’s high-end hospitals and clinics.

Nam Cuong Medical Technology always accompanies its customers

Not only product warranty after finishing. More specifically, our company also supports customers with procedures for measuring and evaluating radiation safety, and applying for a license from the Department of Health.

In addition to the full package of Pet. Nam Cuong Medical Technology also distributes and installs other products. Such as lead plate, lead door, lead glass, barite brick, barite powder. And complete package of X-ray room – Pet – CT scanner -Operating room – Mri,…

Nam Cuong Medical Technology is the construction unit of many medical materials projects for large hospitals. They can be listed as: Traditional Medicine Hospital of Vinh Long Province, 1A Ly Thuong Kiet Hospital, Hoc Mon General Hospital,…

Our brand has established credibility. Top quality in the field of construction materials for hospitals today.

Customers have a need to install a Pet system to ensure prestige and quality. Please contact Nam Cuong Medical Technology on hotline: 0937 45 2525. To receive advice on Pet package construction as well as other services on X-ray blocking materials of Nam Cuong.




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