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Lead shield is an indispensable equipment and supplies in today's medical rooms. Manufactured to safety standards. Ensure requirements in use for X-ray rooms. Prevent, ensure medical technical requirements.
The X-ray machine when taking pictures always produces x-rays. Directly affects the health of those around. Especially technicians who often have to contact X-ray machines. Portable lead envelopes, also known as lead shield, are easy to use. Designed with 4 wheels at the bottom, it is convenient to move with the portable X-ray machine. Radiation safety. It includes:
  • Stainless steel frame, galvanized steel
  • The inside has a lead layer of 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm..suitable for machine parameters to ensure radiation safety.
  • The outside is covered with stainless steel, steel plate or aluminium sheet, PVC plastic..according to the drawing design or customer requirement.
  • On the screen, there is a lead glass of size 300x400x10mm, 400x600x15mm to observe when operating the machine.
  • Legs are designed to install 4 wheels, or fixed. Convenient for commuting.
Besides lead shield, we also produce and sale Lead door with size as your requirment, lead sheet, lead glass,..
You must reserve product 3-4 days before shipping. Contact us via mobile or zalo : +84 333.431.276.
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Radiation sensitivity

of a cell indicates the degree of loss of the cell’s ability to regenerate
cytology means the extent of cell destruction after x-ray. For a long time people have
found that the effect of X-rays was greater in rapidly growing cells such as:
hematopoietic tissues in bone marrow, genital tissues. Followed by mucosal tissues, skin,
vitreous of the eye. Connective tissues such as cartilage, bones, and blood vessels are sensitive
medium. Then there are the cells of the viscera, endocrine gland tissue and
Finally, muscle, bone and nerve tissues have the lowest sensitivity, so
X can cause different lesions in different tissues producing symptoms
complications, especially in infants exposed to X-rays for a long time
the ability to cause cancer, especially cancer of the blood and blood-forming organs.
Therefore, when taking X-rays, especially bed X-rays
We need to be concerned about radiation safety for patients and others
Surrounded by radiology technicians and doctors working around

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