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Nam Cuong Medical Technology specializes in professional Mri package construction

Nam Cuong Medical Technology specializes in professional Mri package construction

Nam Cuong Medical Technology specializes in professional Mri package construction

Are you looking for a professional Mri package contractor? Are you looking for a reputable construction site? We invite you to find out in this article!

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a modern diagnostic imaging method. Provides clear and accurate images of the patient’s condition. MRI also helps diagnose many diseases more effectively than other laboratory methods.

It can be said that MRI scan has now become not too strange for every person, every medical facility, and hospital. To invest in the construction of an MRI function room for medical examination and treatment purposes.

Demand for construction package Mri

Mri scan, also known as magnetic resonance imaging. It is considered as an effective and accurate imaging method of the disease situation. This method is currently being applied by many medical facilities, large and small hospitals in medical examination and treatment.

Features of the Mri . method

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a tomography technique that uses magnetic fields and radio waves. When the hydrogen atoms in the body are under the influence of magnetic fields and radio waves. Absorb and release RF energy. The Mri device will receive, process and then convert to image signals.

MRI images are characterized by sharpness, accuracy and 3D reconstruction. Help the doctor diagnose the patient’s medical condition. In many cases, standard mri is much more effective than ultrasound, x-ray, or computed tomography.

MRI does not use radiation, has no harmful biological effects. This method is highly appreciated by professors and doctors in the indication of imaging and disease diagnosis.

Why need to build Mri package?

It is because of the outstanding advantages of Mri that more and more large hospitals are applying this method. To serve the medical examination and treatment, accurately diagnose and give the right route to the patient. Let’s take a look at the reasons why clinics need to equip the Mri package with Nam Cuong Medical Technology!

Helps to assess promptly and accurately in case the patient is diagnosed with a primary tumor. In this case, a full-body mri scan is needed to help the doctor assess the extent of the tumor’s spread. And the metastasis of the tumor throughout the body. From there, the doctor can give the results to classify as well as stage the disease.

After surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it is necessary to use the mri method. To assess the regressive status of primary and secondary lesions.

In the case of secondary damage when the origin is unknown, the damage is widespread throughout the body. If the clinic is equipped with mri, it will help to comprehensively assess the current status of the lesion.

Moreover, equipping Mri room package means providing the best and highest quality service for patients. Since then, the hospital’s brand has also been enhanced and received trust from visitors.

Today, mri has become the most modern and advanced diagnostic imaging method in the world because of its high accuracy and safety.

Nam Cuong Medical Technology – A unit specializing in professional Mri package construction

If the investor is looking for a professional MRI package construction unit. Then Nam Cuong Medical Technology is the unit that the investor is looking for.

Nam Cuong Medical Technology specializes in consulting, design, construction and installation. Medical equipment and supplies for hospital function rooms, especially MRI rooms. We are extremely proud to be the leading unit in the field of design and construction of functional rooms. The cost of construction and installation of Mri is reasonable and most suitable on the market today.

With many years of experience in the field of construction of functional rooms for many large hospital units. Specifically, such as Vinh Long Provincial Traditional Medicine Hospital, 1A Ly Thuong Kiet Hospital, Hoc Mon General Hospital, etc. Nam Cuong Medical Technology always receives trust and positive feedback from client side.

Our mission is to provide solutions, design consulting, and construction of standard MRI function rooms with guaranteed quality. Along with that is the price to support investors to build quality works.

Highlights of MRI package construction service in Nam Cuong

Many customers have trusted to use the mri package construction service in Nam Cuong. Let’s find out the highlights that have made our technology trusted by major customers over the years:

About the consulting team

We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable consultants. Help advise customers on design, construction, and organization of bidding for functional room construction projects.


The staff of Nam Cuong Medical Technology will make a detailed design. To suit each requirement, suitable area and space.


Team of engineers and technicians with many years of experience in the field of construction. Will monitor the progress and quality of the project.

Construction experience

Many large hospitals across the country are regular customers of Nam Cuong. That proves our rich experience in the field of Mri package construction in particular. As well as the complete construction services of X-ray room – Pet – CT scanner -Operating room.

Nam Cuong Medical Technology has a lot of experience in the field of Mri package construction.

Warranty and maintenance mode

Above all, warranty is the company’s strong point. We always make sure the project is executed accurately and perfectly. Therefore, the company always upholds the long-term warranty, quick repair, and professional maintenance of machinery.

It can be said during the operation process up to now. The working principle of Nam Cuong Medical Technology is to promote the development of partners. And always ensure the quality of construction, as well as safety during the implementation process.

Therefore, Nam Cuong will always make more efforts to improve the quality of mri package construction services. As well as the staff to create a strong brand. Since then, contributing efforts to the country and creating construction works for the hospital’s function rooms with the most dedicated service.

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