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Standard X-ray package construction service in Ho Chi Minh City

Standard X-ray package construction service in Ho Chi Minh City

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Standard X-ray package construction service in Ho Chi Minh City

Technological trends have made almost every industry sector flourish. And the special X-ray package construction service is no longer limited. It can be mentioned that the application of X-ray rooms in private medical units is increasingly widespread. Please refer to the article below to grasp quality X-ray design standards!

Existing status of some X-ray facilities

Although, the technology has improved significantly. However, there is still a situation in many places today.

First, there are private medical facilities that rent private offices and houses to serve as specific medical clinics. Because the operation is temporary. So these rooms are only lightly maintained. And do not comply with strict regulations in the construction of clinics. It has a significant impact on humans and has a negative impact on the environment.

In addition, most of the facilities mentioned above do not shield and protect all forms of radiation from medical equipment. Affecting the health of people in neighboring spaces.

In addition, the X-ray was conducted under safe conditions, and did not meet Medical standards. The cause of disease-related agents. The major effect is to cause radiation damage from the molecular and cellular level to the human organ system.

Current requirements for building X-ray equipment rooms

Currently, X-ray equipment rooms are not only available in hospitals and medical facilities. Enterprise facilities also have a great demand for X-ray package construction services.

Because of this, there has been a significant problem of safety when building. Especially the process of installing equipment rooms using X-ray machines as well as other radiation machines.

The design and construction process of specific and radioactive protection is very important. When the X-ray room is completely shielded, make sure that radioactive rays do not enter the corridor or other spaces. Because they will affect people’s health.

Even dangerous to medical staff, patients and the environment. Therefore, construction techniques for X-ray equipment rooms are based on the following standards:

Requirements for Platform, Floor

For the floor, the floor of the X-ray room is required to have no tiled stairs. Including ceramic tiles, granite, vinyl panels or special paint coatings, chemical resistant, waterproof, anti-static. In case the room is located on a high floor, it is necessary to ensure radiation safety for the lower floor.

Standard Wall, Ceiling

Standard walls, floors and ceilings must have a layer of plaster to prevent radiation. Or use radiation-blocking materials, such as: lead foil, barite mortar, lead rubber. The anti-radiation mortar consists of cement mixed with Barium Sulfate powder (Barium Sulfate). The minimum required plaster thickness is 40mm and is usually made 60mm.

In addition, the ceiling inside the X-ray rooms must be plastered with barite mortar. Or can cover radiation-blocking material (if there is an upper floor).

The lead-leaf plaster of the X-ray room must meet the standards when constructing the X-ray package

Note, if the plaster layer is too thick, it must be plastered in at least 3 layers as shown above. Should let the previous layer almost dry before applying the next layer. Need to be pinned to the wall of the lattice microfiber wire mesh to keep the grout from falling and not falling. The outside is plastered with cement mortar both as a finishing layer, protecting the inner mortar layer, and creating a decorative layer.

The most special attention is when building lead walls. Strict safety measures are required so as not to harm people.

Design Windows, Doors

For special X-ray rooms, rooms that use radioactive substances during construction should not have glass windows. Therefore, if there is a requirement to make glass doors for observation, lead glass (lead glass) must be used to prevent radiation from penetrating.

Window using lead glass for X-ray room

Doors must block radiation and meet the requirements. That is, the door must be covered with ray-blocking materials such as: lead foil, lead rubber, … At the same time, there should be beacons and radiation warning signs at eye level outside the room. Doors need to be designed to ensure smooth opening and closing. In particular, it must be sealed so as not to leak radiation when irradiating or taking pictures.

About X-Ray Room Size

On each X-ray machine device, there is usually a room design suggestion of the manufacturer. Typically, the minimum room size requirement is larger than the size specified by the manufacturer. Such as:

X-ray room without patient table: Room area must not be less than 12m2. And the one-way dimension is not less than 3m.

X-ray room with fixed or movable patient table: Room area must not be less than 14m2. And the one-way dimension standard is not less than 3m.

X-ray room equipped with tiltable patient table: Room area must not be less than 20m2. Requires one-way dimensions not less than 3.5m.

Selection of X-ray package construction service in Ho Chi Minh City

Currently, not only in big cities but also in regions, the health system is quite developed. Therefore, private clinics are built and invested with many modern equipment and machines.

In particular, the demand for X-ray room construction is no exception. So choose a place that provides quality and safe X-ray package construction services in Ho Chi Minh City

Nam Cuong Medical Technology uses radiation-safe materials to construct X-ray rooms

With many years of experience in operation as well as a professional staff. Nam Cuong Medical Technology is a reputable X-ray room construction unit known for:

  • Specializes in consulting, design and construction of X-ray rooms, meeting the standards according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health. Specifically, X-ray rooms in private facilities and hospitals.
  • The system of materials and equipment is applied by Nam Cuong Medical Technology. All ensure quality, safety for health and environment.
  • A team of skilled, experienced staff who have constructed and operated many X-ray room projects.
  • Always ensure progress, reasonable prices and good quality standards.

Above are detailed information about standard X-ray package design and construction. If you are planning to invest in an X-ray room as a service. Please contact Nam Cuong Medical Technology for advice and support

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