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We are a company specializes in providing the following products and services: 

– Products: Lead Sheet, Barite Brick, Barite Powder, Lead Door, Lead Glass,..

– Services: Construction of lead panels; Install lead doors, lead glass; Construction of Barite bricks, Barite plastering in X-ray, CT, Mri rooms..

– We are committed to the best quality products and services, competitive prices in the market.

A shipment to Cambodia in year 2023

Contact us via whatsapp no: +84 963151539 for any informations. Thank you.

Gạch Barite , Chì Tấm, Kính Chì, Cửa Chì, Bình Phong Chì, Vật Tư Khác, Chì lá cho lưới cá

  • Lead Reflector :
  • Producing, supplying and constructing high-quality lead sheet
  • Meets the standards of the Ministry of Health, has been Accredited by the Institute of Science.
  • Thicknesses 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm (receive orders on request).
  • Sizes 500mm, 600mm, 700mm  (receive orders on request).
    Reflective Lead Door :
  • Manufacturing, processing and installing anti-reflective lead doors
  • Meet radiation safety standards.
    Reflective lead glass :
  • Provide for medical x-ray rooms, dosing equipment, radiation safety walls.
  • Size and thickness on request (30x40cm, 40x60cm, 60x80cm, 80x120cm…).
    Radiation safety protection materials : 
  • Armor, lead bibs, gloves,
  • Gland protectors, eye protection glasses,
  • Radiation meter, screen,..
    Brick Barite :
  • Producing and supplying anti-reflective Barite bricks.
  • Construction of standard radiation prevention room.
    Barite powder:
  • Production, supply and construction of anti-reflective Barite powder for X-ray room.
  • The ability to block radiation varies according to the actual requirements of the object that needs to be safely shielded.




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