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What is special about the Barite bricks of Nam Cuong Medical Technology?

What is special about the Barite bricks of Nam Cuong Medical Technology?

What is special about the Barite bricks of Nam Cuong Medical Technology?

Barite bricks are manufactured and supplied by Nam Cuong Medical Technology. Currently, it has become a popular material used by many hospitals and medical facilities. To understand the composition, characteristics, and applications of RS anti-radiation bricks, please read the following content.

Barite bricks of Nam Cuong Medical Technology – The optimal solution for all medical projects

The need for medical examination and treatment is now becoming a concern of many people in society. Especially when the quality of life has increased, it has led to more stringent requirements for the quality of medical services.

Therefore, in addition to service quality, infrastructure. The technique must also meet the safety requirements for the health of the customer. One of them is the use of safe and reliable materials in the construction of X-ray rooms, CT Scanner rooms, radiotherapy rooms, … also need to be focused.

In addition to using materials such as lead plate or using barite mortar powder. With anti-radiation effect, ensuring safety for everyone’s health. The appearance of Barite bricks of Nam Cuong Medical Technology becomes the most optimal solution. Helps meet the demanding requirements of the market.

Barite bricks produced and supplied by Nam Cuong Medical Technology are the optimal solution in the construction and construction of medical projects.

With many outstanding advantages compared to other materials such as cheap, durable, beautiful and safe. RS bricks are used for construction of x-ray rooms, CT rooms, radiotherapy rooms, etc. Of Nam Cuong Medical Technology, they are therefore very popular.

Composition of Barite bricks

RS brick is a mixture of barite sand, cement and additives. This mixture will be mixed with a reasonable ratio, meeting the criteria and parameters of reflectivity. Then this mixture will be put into the system using modern hydraulic press technology to close the mold.

The finished barite brick is hard, durable, tough, and has good radiation resistance.

Features of RS . anti-radiation brick

Because it is a commonly used material in the construction and installation of materials in medical facilities and hospitals. Therefore, RS anti-radiation bricks will carry the following outstanding features:

Extremely good radiation resistance (less than 0.5 μSv/h)

RS brick with a thickness of 5cm when applied with a tiled barite layer. Therefore, the radiation dose rate index of this brick line is always less than 0.3 μSv/h.

Therefore, when installing and constructing walls with Barite bricks, it will be able to block harmful radiation very effectively.

In terms of time and difficulty in construction

Using this brick line, the construction progress is faster than the construction of lead plates or other materials. The construction process also becomes as simple as normal brick construction.

It also has the ability to be reused when repairing or changing the X-ray room without affecting the absorbance over time.

Ray absorption over time

If the lead plate is anti-radiation after a long time of construction, the level of radiation will decrease gradually. But with RS brick walls, the absorption of radiation is very low, helping to ensure absolute radiation safety.

RS bricks have high durability

Walls using Barite bricks will always be durable, no peeling, cracking occurs. This product line also has the advantage of being reused if you want to repair, or change the design of the space.

RS anti-radiation bricks have very high durability during construction and use

Low price, suitable for all customer segments

In terms of selling price as well as construction cost of RS brick wall. It will be optimal and cheaper than construction of medical works with lead reflector. Therefore, customers in all segments can choose this line of tiles for medical facilities and hospitals. Without spending too much money.

Application of Barite brick

With excellent anti-radiation function. Therefore, RS bricks are often used for radiation shielding in the medical and industrial fields.

  • For the medical field, they are often used to build X-ray rooms, CT Scaner rooms. Or the lithotripsy room, vascular intervention room, …
  • For the RS brick industry, rooms containing radioactive sources are built. Or sample testing lab,…

Nam Cuong Medical Technology – Supplying quality barite bricks with good price

Nam Cuong Medical Technology is one of the prestigious addresses. Providing quality radiation-blocking materials for the medical industry. Thanks to the trust and support of customers and partners, Nam Cuong Medical Technology has gradually affirmed its position in the market. And received a lot of positive feedback from consumers.

Nam Cuong Medical Technology – The address for manufacturing and supplying reputable anti-radiation materials

Nam Cuong Medical Technology is a gathering place of enthusiastic people with passion for the profession. All of them want to contribute a little effort to the development of health as well as contribute to the community.

That’s why with our heart, we always strive every day. Application of modern machinery and technology lines. Since then, providing the market with the best quality Barite brick products and materials.

With experience in providing anti-radiation materials and construction packages for many clinics across the country. Nam Cuong Medical Technology is committed to service quality, ensuring the right construction schedule and price.

Any need to order Barite bricks or construct and build a system of X-ray rooms, CT Scaner rooms, radiotherapy rooms, etc. High standards and safety are guaranteed. Please contact us for timely advice and support today.




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