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Other anti-radiation materials

The company provides anti-radiation products and materials:

Lead bibs – Anti-radiation supplies

Lead Gloves – Anti-Radiation Supplies

X-ray warning lights< – Anti-radiation supplies


X-rays are a form of high-energy radiation that is invisible to the naked eye. This type of ray can penetrate many objects, especially living ones. Therefore, the application of X-ray technology is widely used in many fields, especially in medicine. But at the same time, this radiation also carries many dangers to the human body.
The negative effects of X-rays on the human body
Due to X-ray – a form of radiation. Has a certain damaging effect on cells. So the body after X-ray will also have bad reactions. At different levels, the human body will be affected differently. And the extent of damage depends on the duration of exposure and the intensity of the X-rays.
Although very harmful, but X-rays have made a significant contribution to the development of science and technology and human life. And at the same time, only the cases where X-rays are taken too much with strong intensity can cause damage to body organs. Therefore, many regulations and measures have been put in place to minimize the negative effects of X-rays on the human body and maximize the effects of this type of radiation.

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