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1. Features of 99.99% Lead Ingots:
– Lead is a chemical element in the periodic table, abbreviated as (Pb) and has the atomic number 82. Lead is bluish-white when freshly cut but begins to tarnish to gray gas when exposed to air.
– Lead has a melting point (327.3 °C) and a boiling point (1750 °C).
– Density: 11.3g/cm3

2. Application of 99.99% pure lead ingot:
99.99% lead ingots are widely used in industry. Some of the main applications of 99.99% pure lead ingots are as follows:

– Used for plating, battery production, battery production, electronic soldering lead production.
– Used as electrolytic electrode plate, producing lead plate to block x-rays.
– Used in mechatronics, defense…etc

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99.99% lead ingot is one of the pure lead products of Nam Cuong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. We specialize in manufacturing and distributing 99% pure lead ingots with competitive prices in Ho Chi Minh City, provinces and cities nationwide.

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