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Review of X-ray lead glasses at Nam Cuong Medical Technology

Review of X-ray lead glasses at Nam Cuong Medical Technology

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Review of X-ray lead glasses at Nam Cuong Medical Technology

Lead glass is a very important instrument in the medical field. With the function of shielding protection due to harmful effects of radiation for doctors and patients. Therefore, the product is widely applied in hospital and medical center environments. Follow the review below to know more about this item!

Learn about the function of lead glass

Using radioactive devices to diagnose and treat current diseases. The medical industry often uses lead glass to separate rooms. Such as control room with x-ray room, computerized tomography room. By doing this, the technician can observe the patient in the imaging room without being harmed by radiation.

Therefore, this type of glass is evaluated as a material capable of effectively resisting radioactive rays.

Medical diagnostic X-ray shielding function

Standard X-ray protective lead glasses are commonly used to control diagnostic imaging. Especially for 150kvp or less x-ray gamma radiation energy applications.

From X-ray, fluoroscopy, angiography, cardiac catheterization lab, computed tomography (CT scan). To the radiology and chiropractic X-ray rooms.

Function to prevent the harmful radiation of X-rays to the environment

Although the application is quite diverse as above. However, X-ray shielding glasses are not used in MRI technology applications.

The ability to shield cancer with high-energy radiation

The radiation causes strong damage to cells, blastocysts, secondary. Even genetic harm to cancer. So it can be said that this is a rather dangerous form of radiation. Requires protective methods with anti-reflective glasses, or protection with screens or absorbing screens.

Accordingly, lead glass provides gamma radiation with energies up to 511 kvp. And applied to the image control window Positron Emission Imaging Room (PET Scanner). Or high-dose medical radiation/oncology cancer room (HDR room).

Industrial X-Ray Shielding Effect of Lead Glass

In addition to the above functions, glass also provides lead shields specialized for industrial applications. For non-destructive tests or for some nuclear shields. And also the high-energy isotope technology of hot cells or gloveboxes.

For most requirements, the glass must necessarily be designed to shield the control radiation. Therefore, industrial X-ray plates need to be carefully identified to ensure radiation health and safety.

Highlights of X-ray glasses at Nam Cuong Medical Technology

From the functions in the previous section, radiation-resistant glass at Nam Cuong Medical Technology is highly applied. Mainly medical x-ray rooms, dosing equipment and radiation safety wall panels.

Glasses are graded in various sizes for individual standards

Currently, Nam Cuong Medical Technology produces glass with various sizes and thicknesses on request. It can be said to be very diverse: 30x40cm, 40x60cm, 60x80cm, 80x120cm,… In particular, the product always meets the criteria of X Ray glasses, such as:

Compliance with radiation regulations – Review of X-ray lead glasses

X-ray protective glasses always meet specification requirements. And all current criteria and standards for lead glass according to physical quality description.

In addition, it also meets or exceeds the National Council for Radiation Protection standard. As well as the criteria, standard requirements for description and density.

Meet national and international standards

Glass/lead door of Nam Cuong Medical Technology is guaranteed. Or have the ability to exceed 16 different national and international radioactive glass safety standards and rules. These include the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Japan, Germany, Austria and Russia.

The most prominent are the specific codes and standards available, responsive to the requirements of many customers.

How to choose the size of glass to install the X-ray room

To be able to select and install the appropriate observation shield. It should be based on the area and function of the X-ray room.

Select the appropriate type of shield based on the design characteristics of the X-ray room

  • Dental X-ray room, breast X-ray room choose glass size 30x40cm with thickness 12mm.
  • The X-ray room normally uses 40x60cm glass with a thickness of 15mm.
  • Room for placing CT Scanner computerized tomography device using glass 80x120cm, thickness 15mm.

Prestigious and quality lead glass construction and installation address in Ho Chi Minh City

The use of lead glass, X-ray, radiation, medical genuine, quality. It is a good solution for good radiation shielding protection and strict safety support.

Nam Cuong Medical Technology is always proud to be a unit with many years of experience in radiation safety construction. At the same time, we also provide prestigious and quality medical technical supplies. You can rest assured to use and trust Nam Cuong’s lead glass construction and installation service!

Above is the review information about X-ray lead glasses at Nam Cuong Medical Technology. Hopefully, the content of the article will help you choose the right radiation-blocking medical supplies. Alternatively, you can contact us about our services and products. To be consulted by a team of professional staff and answer the best requirements.




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