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Lead X-ray plate – Quality product from Nam Cuong Medical Technology

Lead X-ray plate – Quality product from Nam Cuong Medical Technology

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Lead X-ray plate – Quality product from Nam Cuong Medical Technology

A commonly used construction material product for X-ray rooms, radiotherapy rooms, computed tomography rooms, etc. is the lead X-ray radiation barrier plate from Y Technology brand. Nam Cuong temple. So what are the superior features of this X-ray lead plate that makes it so commonly used? See detailed product descriptions now.

What material is sheet lead? What are the characteristics?

We often hear a lot about X-ray lead panels, which are widely used in the construction of medical projects. So do you know anything about this material line? And the following is detailed information about the structure and characteristics of anti-radiation lead panels.

Pure lead radiation barrier – A material commonly used in the medical industry

What is X-ray-resistant lead sheet?

In fact, lead reflective panels are a product made from flexible lead (lead content can be 98.5% or 99%). The characteristic of this anti-radiation lead sheet is that it is easy to bend, cut or shape depending on application needs. Furthermore, the radiation blocking effect of this material is nearly 100%, meaning it reaches 99.5%.

Therefore, the need to apply sheet lead to X-ray rooms, radiation therapy rooms, computed tomography rooms, etc. is a must. Because these places use X-rays for imaging.

Normally, construction standards in these areas require lead panels with a lead content of up to 99%. Furthermore, the length must be at least 2mm, thus ensuring good radiation resistance.

Advantages and disadvantages of anti-radiation lead panels

  • In terms of advantages

This product line provides quick construction time. Because their shape is already rolled into sheets. Lead sheets with enough thickness or more will provide better and more effective radiation blocking.

Another advantage of the sheet lead product line is that it is easy to bend and shape. And there are many sizes and thicknesses to meet many application needs.

  • About disadvantages:

Because the lead content is from 98.5% – 99%, the original lead price is very expensive. Therefore, anti-radiation lead panels are very expensive, leading to costly construction and installation costs.

Over time of use, the product’s radioresistance will gradually decrease.

Because lead is quite toxic, construction does not ensure proper procedures and standards. The amount of lead released will be toxic to the surrounding environment as well as humans.

Uses of lead anti-radiation panels

The following are detailed descriptions of the uses of pure lead anti-radiation panels:

Anti-radiation lead panels protect human health

With areas, X-ray rooms, radiotherapy rooms, resonance imaging rooms,… These are spaces that contain many radiation rays from machinery and equipment for corrective imaging and diagnosis. imaging with the osmotic method.

If these radioactive rays (X-rays) leak out, they will harm the health of everyone around you and the environment. Dangerous harmful effects from radiation include: cataracts, prostate deterioration, fetal malformations,…

Lead plate helps effectively block radioactive X-rays

Therefore, to prevent these radiation rays from leaking out as much as possible. In addition to the specialized barite brick wall, the doors of these rooms will be covered with anti-reflective lead panels inside.

Thus, besides the task of blocking radiation, these lead panels also have the effect of bringing aesthetics to the installed spaces.

Effective support for the process of imaging, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases

Besides the effect of preventing radiation rays from leaking out. The installation of X-ray lead plates will provide very effective and continuous support for the diagnostic process of doctors and nurses.

The presence of these anti-reflective lead panels also helps maintain a stable and balanced temperature during machinery and equipment operation.

Application of lead X-ray radiation barrier

Through the above descriptions, we partly know that lead panels block radiation. Commonly used to block X-rays in the medical industry. Specifically, it is constructed and installed in rooms: X-ray, CT scan, radiotherapy, computed tomography,…

In addition, the product is also used as partitions to prevent nuclear radiation and soundproofing in industry and national defense. Or use soundproofing in karaoke rooms,…

Lead panels installed at the door of the X-ray room help block radiation extremely well

Nam Cuong Medical Technology – Professional, reputable lead sheet manufacturing and construction unit

Is one of the reputable addresses for manufacturing and supplying anti-radiation lead panels on the market today. Nam Cuong Medical Technology always receives high appreciation from customers and partners.

Currently, the company is supplying high quality anti-radiation lead sheet products. Used for X-ray rooms, radiotherapy rooms,… X-ray lead plates at our unit have thicknesses of 1mm, 2mm, 3mm,… Lead plate sizes range from 500mm, 600mm, 700mm,. ..

Nam Cuong Medical Technology also accepts product orders upon request for construction projects. Therefore, you can be completely assured about the quality of our products and services.

Specifications and production processes for X-ray lead plates meet the general standards of the Ministry of Health. And the products are approved by the Institute of Scientific Inspection.

In addition, Nam Cuong Medical Technology also provides complete X-ray and Pet construction services. CT Scanner, Operating room, Mri package. Professional service to meet construction and installation standards according to safety and quality standards.

Any need to order X-ray shields or complete construction services. Contact us to receive the latest quote via hotline: 0937 45 25 25.




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