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Dear Customers, Partners, Investors !  

First of all, the Board of Directors and all employees of NAM CUONG company would like to send you best wishes for health and success.  

NAM CUONG Medical Technology Co.,Ltd specializes in providing anti radiation materials. Such as Lead panels, Barite powder, Barite bricks, Lead glass, Lead door and other supplies for Hospitals and Clinic in Viet Nam and other countries. Over the time, our company has accumulated a lot of experiences after learning. As well as participating in many large construction projects in North of Viet Nam. Besides, our company has also been trusted by large hospitals, cosmetic facilities, large and small dentals clinics in the South.  

With the criterion “Customer Satisfaction Creates Brand”, NAM CUONG Medical Technology Co.,Ltd is committed to bring customer maximum satisfaction with high quality products, on schedule with most reasonable price.   Our company would like to sincerely thank our customers, partners and investors who have trusted and cooperated with us during the past time. Hopefully, NAM CUONG CO. can contribute a small part to your projects in the future.  

Best Regards !    
-        General Hospital in Hoc Mon area, Ho Chi Minh city: construction of osteoporosis room and X-ray room.
-        Cho Ray hospital (one of biggest hospital in South of VietNam): construction of anti-radiation lead room and installation of lead door
-        1A Hospital - Orthopedics and Rehabilitation: supply anti-radiation materials and X-ray room construcstion.
-        Vinh Long Provincial Traditional Medicine Hospital: construction of x-ray room and operating room
-        Hanh Phuc general hospital: supply anti-radiation materials as: lead panels and lead glass.
-        Mo Cay Bac medical center: X-ray room construction
Central region:
-        Thien Nhan Da Nang hospital: repair, renovate medical diagnostic center and operating room construction.
-        Thien Nhan Quang Ngai hospital: operating room construction.
-	Vietnam American international clinic: CT scan room construction.
-	Many other clinics,..

Northern: We have coperated with other company for many projects, many big hospitals in North such as: Bach Mai hospital, Thanh Hoa Provincial Cancer Hospital, Agricultural General Hospital, Trung Tín hospital,..

Besides, there are many polyclinics, medical stations and other dental clinics,.. around the country.



Gạch Barite , Chì Tấm, Kính Chì, Cửa Chì, Bình Phong Chì, Vật Tư Khác, Chì lá cho lưới cá

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