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Where to install lead doors to ensure quality?

Where to install lead doors to ensure quality?

Equipment such as automatic doors, hospital lead doors, operating room doors. They are indispensable equipment in every hospital. Because it is not only convenient but also ensures everyone’s health. Nam Cuong Medical Technology is a unit specializing in the supply and install lead doors with guaranteed quality. So what features and features does this product have, click to find out now!

Why do medical facilities and hospitals need to use lead-coated doors?

We all know that: In the hospital, there are many machines for taking and diagnosing images. These devices emit radioactive material that can be hazardous to human health.

Especially the rooms that use radiation generators such as: X-ray room, CT-Scanner room, MRI room, Osteoporosis room, etc. So to make sure that radioactive substances do not leak out. outside. The rooms need to be specially designed by adding lead-coated doors.

Radioactive substances can adversely affect the surrounding environment. If not well controlled and operating within a controllable level.

Features of lead doors for medical facilities, hospitals

There are two basic types of lead-coated doors on the market today: revolving doors and sliding doors. For the purpose of helping to prevent radiation and ensuring everyone’s safety. Lead-coated doors will ensure general technical standards.

Structure of lead-covered doors

  • Standard size of lead coated door is 1600*2100mm
  • The lead-covered door frame is made from 1.5mm thick steel or stainless steel with 2-3mm lead inlaid inside.
  • The core of the door is made from honeycomb paper or glass wool.
  • The handle of the lead-coated door is made of good stainless steel.
  • The technical box cover is made of 3mm thick aluminum.
  • Integrated imported automatic control system.
  • Hospital lead coated doors can be combined with lead glass to prevent radiation to facilitate outside observation.

For lead-coated doors at hospitals, it is necessary to ensure high quality. To prevent radioactive rays from going out, protect people’s health.

Advantages of the hospital lead door line

  • Lead-coated doors maintain the proper temperature inside the room where it is installed.
  • High safety when installing this type of door because it can control and prevent radioactive rays. Thereby ensuring the safety of the medical staff – doctors, nurses and patients.
  • Because of the integrated automatic locking system, it is easy to control the door access problem.
  • Customers can choose 1 of 2 types of doors as desired, including sliding doors and revolving doors.

Nam Cuong Medical Technology – A reputable lead-covered door supplier

On the market today, there are many distributors of hospital lead doors with different prices. However, to install a standard hospital lead-coated door system is not an easy task.

Why is it necessary to install quality standard leaded doors?

Hospital lead-coated doors are a product that plays an important role in protecting human health. Failure to install a standard lead-covered door will cause serious consequences. For the health of everyone around.

Therefore, each medical unit needs to choose a reputable, qualified hospital distributor and construction unit according to the design and installation requirements.

Another problem is that it is not easy to check the quality of lead-coated hospital doors. The naked eye or even the process of use can not know how much their ability to block radioactive rays.

The only way is that you need to choose a distributor, a reputable construction unit, with experience in installing lead-coated doors in major hospitals across the country.

Choosing Nam Cuong as a reputable lead door installer

This is the reason why you need Nam Cuong Medical Technology when you want to choose a lead-coated hospital door for your project. Our company specializes in distributing automatic lead-coated doors, specialized doors used in hospitals and laboratories.

Nam Cuong Medical Technology is proud to be a distributor and manufacturer of quality standard hospital lead doors. Safe protection for human health. Hospital lead-coated door products manufactured in Nam Cuong fully comply with strict regulations.

Before being put into installation, each of our products must go through a rigorous and thorough inspection process, without any negligence.

With many years of experience in the field of manufacturing, supplying and constructing medical materials and equipment for hospitals and medical facilities. And relationships with reputable distributors. Nam Cuong Medical Technology is always committed to ensuring the following factors:

  • Always put prestige, product quality and service first
  • Only distribute genuine products with clear testing
  • Dedicated advice, quick installation, on schedule
  • Support businesses with the best prices in the market

Nam Cuong Medical Technology is a company specializing in manufacturing and installing lead door systems for major hospitals across the country.

Other products and services at Nam Cuong Medical Technology

In addition to installing lead doors, our company is also a unit specializing in the supply, construction, and installation of radiation-blocking materials:

  • Lead plate
  • Lead glass
  • Brick Barite
  • Construction of a full package of rooms and departments: X-ray, Pet, CT scanner, Operating room, Mri room.

With reasonable price to customers. Nam Cuong has become a reliable partner of many large hospitals. Such as 1A Ly Thuong Kiet Hospital, Vinh Long Provincial Traditional Medicine Hospital, Hoc Mon General Hospital…

To receive the most accurate advice on hospital lead door design and construction services. Please contact Nam Cuong via hotline: +84 937 45 2525 for specific support.




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