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Prestigious and professional CT Scanner package construction address

Prestigious and professional CT Scanner package construction address

Prestigious and professional CT Scanner package construction address

Nam Cuong Medical Technology offers a professional and secure CT Scanner package construction service. The company is always committed to the quality of service as well as the construction and installation of the CT room in accordance with the general standards of the Ministry of Health.

Technical standards when constructing the CT Scanner package

CT Scanner is an imaging technique widely used in the medical industry. Thanks to this method, doctors – doctors can accurately diagnose the patient’s health condition.

Therefore, in order for the imaging room to meet the standards set by the Ministry of Health and ensure the safety of patients and doctors – doctors. It also helps them avoid the harmful effects of radiation. While designing and constructing the CT Scanner room, it is necessary to meet the following technical standards:

About the general structure

The structure of the work for the radiology department must ensure sustainability. During construction, steel column frames and reinforced concrete must be used. As for the brick wall, the finishing materials are covered according to the requirements.

Construction of a CT Scanner package must meet the requirements of technical standards

Requirements for background, floor

The floor, floor of the required CT Scanner area should not have stairs. The floor is tiled with ceramic tiles, vinyl panels, granite can be replaced with special paint coating. The floor and floor of the CT department must be smooth, flat but not slippery. The materials used for the foundation and floor have the following features: waterproof, anti-static, chemical resistant, easy to clean.

If the CT Scanner department is located on the upper floors, the technical requirement of the obstetrician is to use radiopaque materials for the lower floors.

Wall requirements when constructing the CT Scanner package

Walls must be plastered, covered with sustainable materials, covered with silicate paint. Surface coatings are flat, smooth, aesthetically pleasing, and waterproof. The wall paint color is in harmony with the general color of hospitals and medical facilities.

With the interior walls of the screening rooms, CT scans must use radiation-blocking materials. Usually will be: lead plate, barite brick, barite mortar powder, …

With the corridor area, the rooms are used to move by push beds, stretchers, trolleys. Walls require mounting of impact bars at a height of 0.7 – 0.9m from the floor.

Technical standards of ceiling

The ceiling inside the room and the corridor of the CT Scanner area ensures smooth, flat, waterproof and good insulation. As for the rooms and corridors where lighting, fire protection, technical equipment, etc. are installed, the structural requirements for the installation of these devices must be met.

The ceiling of the CT room area must be plastered with barite mortar or covered with radiation-blocking material if located on the lower floor.

Standard of doors when constructing CT Scanner package

Doors in the department and CT Scanner room include the following types:

For large doors, they are radiation-blocking doors

With these doors, the following requirements must be met:

Wrapping materials to block radiation can be sheet lead, lead rubber,… with a thickness of 3.0mm

Outside the room, there must be beacons and radiation warning signs at eye level.

The door of the CT room is covered with safe anti-radiation material

The closed door does not allow radiation when taking CT scans and opens and closes gently.

The lead door and door device must meet the appropriate weight and load according to the general standards. Levels range from 150kg – 200kg/lead door and 150kg or   250 kg/leaf for door equipment.

For windows

In the radiology department, the window requires a mold, the door can be good wood or aluminum, steel combined with clear or translucent glass (thickness 10-15mm) with a safety latch. This type of door is intended for natural light.

As for rooms with equipment for scanning, CT projection, etc., windows should not be arranged. This will help shield electromagnetic rays and ensure radiation safety.

Technical requirements of the equipment and machine room in the CT Scanner package construction

The equipment room must meet technical requirements as well as ensure safety. Do not let radiation escape and outside light shine in when washing the film.

The transfer box mounted in the film washing room after the CT scan must communicate with the functional parts. The observation glass is constructed from lead to help block radiation.

Besides, the basic requirements for the room where the CT Scanner is placed are:

  • 3-phase electricity works stably, the air conditioner is stable below 20 degrees Celsius, humidity is not higher than 70%.
  • The grounding system must have a resistance <5 Ohm
  • The foundation is rolled concrete grade 250, thickness at least 20cm.

Prestigious and professional CT Scanner package construction service at Nam Cuong Medical Technology

Nam Cuong Medical Technology received a quick, high quality, and safe CT Scanner package construction. Possessing a strong, enthusiastic, professional team of technicians, technicians, our company always ensures standard and timely construction of diagnostic imaging rooms and departments.

Nam Cuong Medical Technology – Prestigious and professional full package CT Scanner construction address

CT Scanner package construction process at Nam Cuong Medical Technology

Our complete barite brick construction service with a closed, scientific process:

  • Receive information and requests from customers.
  • Survey the project and offer a complete CT Scanner construction solution to customers.
  • Start construction after signing the contract.
  • Completion and customer acceptance.
  • Perform warranty and customer care after completion.

Nam Cuong Medical Technology is committed to service quality

The products and medical supplies that we use during the construction of CT Scanner are always committed to their origin and quality. As well as meeting the technical and safety criteria according to the general standards of the Ministry of Health.

Nam Cuong Medical Technology always accompanies customers before – during – after the construction of function rooms for medical facilities and hospitals. Always ensure the quality of the work after construction, the safety during the process of putting it into use.

Any need or need support, advice on the construction of a CT Scanner package or other services. Customers can contact hotline: +84 937 45 25 25, or message via email: cnytnamcuong@gmail.com

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